Sunday, 14 September 2008

No currency positions at present

Have no exposures to the market right now.

Madman Alan Bollard stunned with the 0.50% interest rate cut, so closed out the long NZD short AUD position at 0.8173, for a gain of NZD36,351. (original position entered at 0.7937)

The rally in the Euro on Friday night was too steep for my liking, and was stopped out at 1.4230, which was close to the high (rats!) over the weekend. This realised a gain of USD162,900. (Entry average was 1.4773). @0.6600 NZD246,818.

Total banked gains to date this year are NZD810,523.00

Will look to go short Euro again this week, beginning on rallies into 1.4400, sooner if a deal is struck for Lehman Bros on Asia opening tomorrow.

May sell some NZDs as well if it moves over 0.6700 tomorrow.

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