Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Pissed off! NZD/JPY

I am pissed off that I did not follow my plan, and allowed myself to be swayed by short term thinking!

I bought the NZD back at 54.02 this morning and cashed out the freeze trade I foolishly took yesterday at 53.50 for a loss. I think the NZD/JPY goes a lot higher, and hedging around that view is so very short term.

Set it and wait! that should be the plan!


peterquixote said...

heres the question dude,
is New Zealand falling or rising against japan,
I'm backing NZ,
we have conservative government

peterquixote said...

considering Bollard's announcement on official cash rate ,
with our fundamental interest rate guaranteed dude,
we COULD look forward to a rising economy and dollar,
I have about one third of our family money box in NZ sharemarket, and will increase shortly, wait til the immediate impact wears off,

Kiwi Trader said...

With interest rates around the world so low, they almost don't matter any more for trading decisions, as we are all at or close to historical lows.
The NZD will go up as the Euro strengthens, and that looks to be happening again right now.