Thursday, 21 May 2009

GBP/USD Position

Closed out long GBP1m at 1.5690. More later, bit rushed at present!


peterquixote said...

dude how can you be a
" bit rushed at present! "

beneath here in the USD/JPY position you say

"generating gain of USD245,676.67, NZD423,580.47 (not counting carry interest)."

what the fuck. a quatrer milliom dollar in one rush thats enough for a life time of no rushing,

reading books, screwing girls, drinking whisky and things like that,

peterquixote said...

dude I am going to punt on New Zealand.
i sold out too early on FPA at 63 cents because i needed money, and now look at it, over a dollar,
i am hitting nuplex now,

Kiwi Trader said...

Peter, love your comments!!

You are right, hot blondes and alcohol should play a bigger part in my life than they do!! LOL

But I was rushing to go out to dinner and when I do a trade, I try to post it as fast as possible to let people know what I am up to.

Also means I can't be aacused of posting in hindsight, once I have seen the results of a move!

Not that that has ever happened!!

Kiwi Trader said...

I don't follow the sharemarkets that closely...It's all I can do to keep up with the various positions I have.

Even then there are so many positions I would love to take, but don't have the resources for!!

peterquixote said...

I hated selling out on FPA, because I am so poor,
it was obvious and announced Government policy to hold National assets secure, I am holding other NZ products now for the little i AM WORTH,