Tuesday, 29 September 2009

AUD and NZD trades

I re-established my long NZD and AUD trades yesterday.

Bought AUD2m sold USD at 0.8670.
Bought NZD2m sold USD at 0.7160.

Target 0.9000 and 0.7500.

Review at .8000 and 0.6800


peterquixote said...

good that you do sell %USA dude,

we $NZ will easily go to 75 cents $AUD about to overtake $USA

please Mr.President NZ NZ NAT GOVT JOHN KEY
can we have $AUD currency now,
can you gert us parity?

If you do we will vote you for KING NZ,

what do you think the new international currency will be

thelonelytrader said...

Peter, I saw your short videos. For someone who seems to have it in for the USD, you capture exactly what I love about the USA. Thanks for sharing and well done. Next time your in the LA/San Diego area, drop me a line.

Tim said...

Nice, made your targets again - you make this look so easy. :)